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Welcome to Timantti Solid Labradors kennel
Timantti Solid Labradors represents 18 years of breeding and of total single-minded involvement with Labradors. It has been eighteen years
now since we purchased our first labradors, the breed of retriever for which we avow a deep attachment as much for its marvellous character,
that morphology so full of gentleness as for that working capacity which only asks to be developed.These are the qualities which characterize
the labrador and which can make us forget their small drawbacks as "chewers"; effectively, often compared to the otter at least for his tail
which is used as a rudder while swimming, he could sometimes be compared to the beaver for his talents as wood sculptor (chairs, tables, etc..).

we leave near Moscow
When our kennel was only set up, we had a few dogs
and we lived in Moscow. Now that the number of dogs
has increased, we moved to another place and live
200 km away from Moscow in the direction of Latvia.
Here in the country we got much more living space,
and, oops, now we have much more dogs!:)  
Distance between Timantti Solid kennel (TS) and
Moscow - 213 km; TS and Latvia - 380 km; TS and
Lithuania - 600 km; TS and Belarus - 330 km;
TS and Paris - 2750 km.

We are far from Europe, but we take
part in nearly all the main shows:
in Dortmund Sudeo Elvis
became ”VDH-Europasieger 2011“, CACIB, BOS!!
Sudeo Scottish Blend
has won a class -CAC!
6.05 - Ms Timantti Solid iz Serebristoi Gavani -- RCAC

Championnat de France-7.07.11-
Sudeo Scottish Blend -
1st in open and RCAC,
TS Sigur Ros - 2nd in junior class (30 entry),
Sudeo Royal Piper
- 3 in working class,
Ms Timantti Solid iz Serebristoy Gavani
- in top seven in intermed classs,
TS Valencia White Baby - exc, in top 8
WW -8/07 - Sudeo Scottish Blend -4 in open class,
TS Sigur Ros - excellent,
Sudeo Royal Piper - excellent in working class,
Ms Timantti Solid iz Serebristoy Gavani -
3 in intermedia class, TS Sigur Ros - excellent ,
TS Valencia White Baby -4 in working class

Timantti Solid news лабрадоры питомникаmore

01.01.15 is the birthday of Timantti Solid Davidson, he was 13 years old!
I wish the beloved king of dogs health and active longevity. We all love our boy and we are infinitely proud of him!

  лабрадор Тимантти Солид Дэвидсон

20.12.14 Moscow Champions of Champions Show- TS Sir Royal Excalibur- Best Junior Male

лабрадор Moscow 15.06.14 - Labrador Speciality - Honоrable judge Ann Liland -Norway

лабрадор Юный Чемпион
лабрадор Тимантти Солид Чемпион
TS Spring Breeze Fler O'Fler -- 1 in Champion Club class & 3ty best female

лабрадор 10/05/14 -Tver' - judge N.Davidovska (Bulgaria)
Timantti Solid Tequila Sunrise - Best Junior of Show, BIG1, Res. Best in Show
other results: TS Sir Royal Excalibur - JunCAC,
TS Past and Future - Best Female, CAC,
Many tahks to handler Daria Kozlova!!

лабрадоры чемпионылабрадоры

27/04/14 лабрадор2727.04.2014 - Moscow - RRC -the biggest labrador show in Russia:
Sudeo Elvis - 1st in Champion Class;
Timantti Solid Spreeng Breeze Fler O'Fleur - 1st in Champion Class,
Res.Best Female;
Timantti Solid Sigur Ros -- 3rd in ClubChampion class;
Timantti Solid Presentation -2nd Veteran;
TS Sir Royal Excalibour -4ty in Junior class
Judges Sven Slettedal (Norvay) & Sergey Teliatnikov!
Bravo to our team & big thanks to handlers!

лабрадор 12.0414 .Moscow - judge O.Vasiliev: TS Past and Future -BOB, TS Sir Royal Excalibour -Best Male Junior,
TS Tekila Sunrise - Best Junior
13.04.Moscow - judge V.Bobikova: TS Past and Future -BOB, BiG-2,
TS Sir Royal Excalibour -Best Male Junior

6.04.14 САСIBDog show "Semirehie -2" (Каzakhstan)

лабрадор лучший юниор

лабрадор Jana (Timantti Solid Sunlighht) -- Best Junior, 3-BIS Thank you to honorable judge Johannes Schepers))) 05.04.14 г. Jana -- Best female Junior Honorable judge Manuel Borges. Congrats to owner Irina Suzdalskaya!

лабрадор чемпион

23/03/14 - Мoscow Eurasia-2 - Timantti Solid Presentation - Best Veteran!!!
лабрадорTimantti Solid Sigur Ros - RCACIB!

19.10.2013 - Russia-2013.
лабрадорTimantti Solid Mohito with Lime -- 1st in open class,
лабрадор Ms Timantti Solid iz Serebristoy Gavani -- СACIB, BOS,
and her dad - Timantti Solid Davidson - Best Labrador Veteran!!! 

Great Weekend:  лабрадор 8 - 12 - 2012 CACIB Show Helsinki Winner 2012
Sudeo Elvis - BOB, CACIB. Helsinki Winner, CC - Finish Champion
Sudeo Scottish Blend - 1 in working class, 3 d Best Male, R.CC
MS Timantii Solid izi Serebristoy Gavany - 2 d in Working, Timantti Solid Spring Breeze Fler O'Fler - 3 d in Champion! 
лабрадор 8-12-2012 CACIB Show in Novosibirsk: 
Timantti Solid Simply the Best - CACIB, BOB 

Many Thanks to Judges!

лабрадор 02.12. 2012 National Dog Show "Derzhava" --
MS Timantii Solid izi Serebristoy Gavany - BOB, BiG-III. Many thanks to judge Karl Reisinger

лабрадор 01.12. 2012 Show Champion of Champions "Golden Collar"
TS Sigur Ros (Sh Ch Sudeo Chevalier of Ramsayville - Ch TS Super Sonya)
BOS, Breed Champion 2012

лабрадор4.11.12 --Int. show "RUSSIA - 2012" (Moscow) SUDEO ELVIS - CACIB and Best of Breed!!!
Timantti Solid Davidson - Best Veteran
TS Mojito with Lime -2 in open class, TS Sigur Ros -2d in champion class, Ms TS iz Serebristoy Gavani - 4 in working class,
Sudeo Scottish Blend - 3ty in working class

Thank you judge Joseph Fertig (Germany)

Лабрадор Элвис вице чемпион Мира 2012!!
щенка лабрадора купитьSalzburg WDS--.19/05/12 - Sudeo Elvis - Res CACIB!!

лабрадоры Тимантти Солид в Австрии

17.05. Austria, Salzburg, Labrador Speciality
Timantti Solid Without MakeUp - CАСA
Sudeo Elvis - Res CACA
Sudeo Royal Piper - Res CACA
Sudeo Scottish Blend - Res CACA
Judge S.Jarmer (Austria)

19/05 - Sudeo Scottish Blend -4ty in Working class
Ms Timantti Solid iz Serebristoy Gavani -4ty in Working class

щенки лабрадора из Англии Crufts 12 - Timantti Solid Davidson - 4-ty in Veteran class! щенки лабрадора из Англии
лабрадор Тесса чемпион

Eurasia 2012 - 24.03.12 -щенок лабрадора купить в Москвеа Timantti Solid Dazzle Of Moon (Sudeo Royal Piper x TS Vassiona) - Champion class Winner, RCACIB!!!
щенок лабрадора купить в МосквеаStarsercher Non Stop (Sudeo Elvis - Dazzling Smile Kallado)
(champion class) - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-2!!!!!!

Eurasia 2012 - 25/03/12 - щенок лабрадора продажа Timantti Solid Davidson - Best Veteran!
щенок лабрадора продажа Timantti Solid Presentation (Sudeo Chevalier Of Ramsayville x TS Charming Cherry) - 1-я в классе чемпионов, RCACIB, щенок лабрадора продажа Timantti Solid Summer Day (Sudeo Elvis x Star Praiz Sintia Kortez) - 2nd in Open class щенок лабрадора продажа Ms Timantti Solid Iz Serebristoy Gavani (Timantti Solid Davidson x Stenveyz La La Fa) - 2nd in Working class!

щенок лабрадора Шеви лабрадор Чемпион Тэсса

22/04/12 -Moscow Speciality Labrador Show. Judge Bo Sorensen (Norway)- TS Presentation - Best Female, BOS
щенок лабрадораTessa, Nastya and Mr Sorensen

TS Sigur Ros -1st in Open class купить щенка лабрадора

щенок Шеви - Саня

лабрадор внук Дэвидсона и его щенки в Великобритании

Cricklecreek kennel
25th December 2011 born the litter from
Sudeo Deacon Brodie
(TS Davidson grand son) x Cricklecreek Zabava (TS Davidson daughter)
This is a line bred litter going back on both sides to Cricklecreek Cruising Along and FCI INT RUS CH Timantti Solid Davidson.
These puppies are bred for temperament and type.

11-12.02 - Vladivostok - TS Spring Breeze Fler O Fler - BOB Speciality Labrador Show, Judge N Davidovska
12.02 Irkutsk - TS Santa Claus is Back in Town - Best Baby Male, TS Real Beauty - Best Baby of Speciality Labrador Show Judge M.Polivanov Well done!

лабрадор щенок Дэвидсона Чемпион Пакистана Sudeo Mama Mia at Rachna
(TS Davidson daughter and Sudeo Scottish Blend litter sister)
has become CHAMPION of Pakistan, Sudeo Mama Mia at Rachna won her Open Female Class and then won Females Winners Class and declared Best Female and got CACIB at FCI International Show Karachi , February 12, 2012
лабрадор щенок Дэвидсона ЛПП на выставке
28.01 - Moscow All breed Dog Show Judge Andrew Brace/ Our results: TS Summer Day (Sudeo Elvis Sun) - 1 in open class, TS Sigur Ros - 1 in open class, Res.Best Bitch, Ms TS iz Serebristiy Gavani - 1 in Working class. Thank you to our handlers Maria Sazhina and Anastasia Potapenkova
28/01 Moscow Speciality Labrador Show. Sudeo Scottish Blend - BOB,
TS Sigur Ros
A sincere thank you to Carmen Navarro who thought so highly of our young
show team!
лабрадор щенок Шеви и Сони чемпион породы

17.12. 2011 Show Champion of Champions "Golden Collar"
TS Sigur Ros (Sh Ch Sudeo Chevalier of Ramsayville - Ch TS Super Sonya)
Breed Champion 2011

Sudeo Scottish Blend - Res.Best Male


26.11.11 -Minsk - Sudeo Royal Piper - CACIB, TS Sigur Ros - CACIB, BOB, BiG-3,
TS Magic Black Diamond - Best Junior, TS Take Five - CAC Judge V.Bobikova
Moscow -CACIB Dog Show - Judge Eeva Rautala Finland - TS Davidson- Best Veteran & BOB. TS Magic Black Diamond - Best Junior, TS Sigur Ros - 1st in Intermedia (22 entry)!
8.10.11 Moscow - Speciality Labradors Show "Russia-2011"-Judge -ZEFERINO SILVA ( PORTUGAL): Sudeo Elvis - 1st in Working class, TS Mohito with Lime - 1st in Intermedia class,
TS Dazl of Moon - BOB, TS Alkmena - Best veteran!
.10.11 - New puppies from Sh Ch Sudeo Chevalier of Ramsayville and Ch TS Super Sonya were born: 3 black males, 1 yellow male, 3 yellow females.
9.10.11 - PUPPIES from Sudeo Scottish Blend and TS Kassandra Bon Kompanion: 2 yellow males, 2 black males, 1 black female.

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