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Welcome to Timantti Solid Labradors kennel
Timantti Solid Labradors represents 15 years of breeding and of total single-minded involvement with Labradors. It has been fifteen years now
since we purchased our first labradors, the breed of retriever for which we avow a deep attachment as much for its marvellous character, that morphology so full of gentleness as for that working capacity which only asks to be developed.These are the qualities which characterize the labrador and which can make us forget their small drawbacks as "chewers"; effectively, often compared to the otter at least for his tail which is used as a rudder while swimming, he could sometimes be compared to the beaver for his talents as wood sculptor (chairs, tables, etc..).

we leave near Moscow
When our kennel was only set up, we had a few dogs and
we lived in Moscow. Now that the number of dogs
has increased, we moved to another place and live
200 km away from Moscow in the direction of Latvia.
Here in the country we got much more living space,
and, oops, now we have much more dogs!:)  
Distance between Timantti Solid kennel (TS) and
Moscow - 213 km; TS and Latvia - 380 km; TS and
Lithuania - 600 km; TS and Belarus - 330 km;
TS and Paris - 2750 km.

We are far from Europe, but we take part in nearly all the main shows: 2011 in Dortmund Sudeo Elvis became
”VDH-Europasieger 2011“, CACIB, BOS!! Sudeo Scottish Blend has won a class -CAC! 6.05 - Ms Timantti Solid iz Serebristoi Gavani -- RCAC

Championnat de France-7.07.11- Sudeo Scottish Blend -
1st in open and RCAC, TS Sigur Ros - 2nd in junior class
(30 entry), Sudeo Royal Piper - 3 in working class, Ms Timantti Solid iz Serebristoy Gavani - in top seven in intermed classs, TS Valencia White Baby - exc, in top 8
WW -8/07 - Sudeo Scottish Blend -4 in open class, TS Sigur Ros - excellent, Sudeo Royal Piper - excellent in working class, Ms Timantti Solid iz Serebristoy Gavani -
3 in intermedia class, TS Sigur Ros - excellent ,
TS Valencia White Baby -4 in working class

Лабрадоры Тимантти Солид
Журнал "Друг" №5 за 2010 год, статья посвящена питомнику
и заводчику
лабрадоры питомника Тимантти Солид

лабрадоры питомника Тимантти Солид

лабрадоры питомника Тимантти Солид

лабрадоры питомника Тимантти Солид

лабрадоры питомника Тимантти Солид



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SH CH Sudeo Chevalier of Ramsayville
Sudeo Chevalier Of Ramsayville
лабрадор кобель SudeoElvis
Sudeo Elvis
Sudeo Scottish Blend
Sudeo Scottish Blend
лабрадор кобель палевый Сюдео Роял Пайпер
Sudeo Royal Piper
TS Davidson
Knoydar No Nonsense
Voltaire de L'Etang Balancet
Voltaire de l'Etang Balancet
TS Obolensky
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labradors our females


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